New Jersey Certificate of Authority Number 306

Custodian: Geoff Young 856-478-6135

The cemetery is managed by a small committee of volunteers. All proceeds from the cemetery are used for maintaining the cemetery and, as required by the State of New Jersey, for the Maintenance and Preservation Trust Fund. For matters pertaining to internment, grave lots and memorials, please contact the custodian listed above.

To purchase a lot, please contact Geoff Young. The prices listed below became effective May 1st, 2006.

  • Grave Lots: $600 each.
  • Double Grave Lots: $1000; each additional adjoining lot $500.
  • Surface Area Charge for memorials: 50 cents per square inch.
  • Internment charge: $100 (grave openings and closing fees are normally assessed by the mortuary.)

Below is the required document for Cemetery Lots: